Shepway Sports Trust is a not-for-profit sports charity that promotes high quality competition, sporting and coaching opportunities. Our key aim is to connect schools, sports clubs and the community of Shepway with a single purpose; to inspire all generations to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

At Shepway Sports Trust, we feel passionately about our core areas- school sport, sports clubs and communities. It is our strong belief that to truly offer sporting opportunities for people of all ages and abilities, we need to cover all bases in these three areas.

Our strategy is to identify existing activity, support it and add value to it where necessary. We also identify the gaps; if there is something missing from any of these areas we look to implement additional activity ensuring there are opportunities available for everyone.

Finally and most importantly, we work to ensure that these three areas are all connected.


We work together and strive to be collaborative

The Trust is committed to working collaboratively with partners across school sport, sports clubs and communities. We currently work with sports clubs, primary schools and secondary schools with the aim to enhance lifestyles and provide opportunities for progression. Our partnerships also extend to other community organisations, such as Catch and StreetGames, who share common principles and objectives with the Trust. Shepway Sports Trust strives to be collaborative, approachable and professional in everything we do on a day-to-day basis.

We are always inspiring more people to play sport

Shepway Sports Trust firmly believes that to drive sport forward and create opportunities, we need to identify positive sporting role models in the local community. It is this, coupled with the ethos behind elite athletic competitions like the 2012 Olympic Games that drives us to inspire. Our Elite Sports Ambassadors are local, high-level sportspeople, who are accessible to Shepway’s community, clubs and schools through a variety of routes. Working alongside professional coaches, our Ambassadors provide a unique insight in to the qualities required to reach a high level at their sport. The Trust aims to inspire at both a micro level, through community and school sessions, and a macro level, through our awards and roadshows.

We are forward thinking and progressive

Shepway Sports Trust is committed to driving positive change in the local community; it is this desire which lies behind our extensive list of training programmes. Sport can lift and re-invigorate areas and groups, through improvements in physical and mental wellbeing. Through initiatives like ‘Learn, Assist and Earn’, upskilling coaches and assisting clubs with gaining Clubmark accreditation, we aim to provide a progressive benchmark for community sport. Our sports ‘Academies’ also deliver a solution for those looking to gain professional qualifications across a range of focus sports, from elite to entry level. They also provide a platform for talented athletes to progress to the best of their ability. Shepway Sports Trust aims to inspire, encourage and provide opportunities for the young people of Shepway to take part in sport and physical activity. Our strategy aims to ensure that as many young people as possible from the district are able to access high quality sporting opportunities in local sports clubs, facilities and schools so that they are motivated to stay active. From this broad base of participation, our ambition is to provide a progressive ‘Talent Pathway’ for the most able young people from Shepway, allowing them to shine and reach their full potential. The vision is that through strong partnerships, excellent coaching and the provision of the right support, the most talented young people from the area will have the best possible opportunity to reach an elite level of sport performance.

Talent Pathway

We believe sport should be inclusive

No matter who you are, what your ability or status, it goes without saying that Shepway Sports Trust promotes total inclusivity in sport. Our aim is to be a professional, respectful and integrated ‘hub’ for community, club and school sport; your ‘go to’ place for advice and delivery of sport across Shepway. Our involvement with StreetGames and our own PULSE sessions are two key areas where we drive integration. These approachable and relaxed sessions provide opportunities to those who may be intimidated by high level sports, whilst also inspiring individuals to join the wide array of clubs in the local area. In turn, we recognise all groups and individuals and celebrate them at our annual SST Awards night. Shepway Sports Trust is based on a foundation of ‘togetherness’; our aim is to provide links between individuals and groups across Shepway.

Everything we do is designed to be fun

Shepway Sports Trust is all about fun! Without recognising the huge level of enjoyment and achievement that can be gained from trying and succeeding in sport, we would be missing a trick. Everything we do has fun and play at its core, which we carry through to our own work on a day-to-day basis. One only has to attend an Ambassador assembly, stop by at an Elite and Development League or spend a few minutes at a Pulse session to appreciate the enjoyment young people are already experiencing in the district. We welcome like-minded partners, community organisations and individuals who would like to get involved.