Kaito Wilson


Key Achievements

  • Joining the England squad-2015
  • 1st in the Kent international-2015
  • 1st in midlands age band-2015
  • 1st in North West age band-2015
  • 1st in London International-2015
  • 3rd in the Heart of England-2015
  • Competed in the British Judo National Teams Championships representing the Southern Area. Fighting in the Cadet under 60kg weight and winning all his fights.
  • Achieving black belt grading

Future Goals

  • To become No.1 in Great Britain
  • To get on to the GB squad


Age: 15

Kaito has been doing judo since he was seven. His dad persuaded him to get involved with the local judo club, and he carried on with the sport due to it being so enjoyable.

He has always done local competitions, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he started to do so at a higher level, partaking in regional (and soon national) competitions. Unfortunately, there aren’t many judo clubs (nearby) that can offer the assistance he needs in order to improve his judo and become the best he can.

Kaito has recently had fantastic success being selected for the England squad and reaching an elite level within this. He has also achieved black belt status showing his quality and commitment to the sport.