How to get fit for free

Storm Porter

If you’ve already spent a little too much during the festive season, Storm Porter has some great tips on how you can get active without needing to reach for your purse: 

“Getting fit can be so much more than just spending money each month for a gym membership! There are other ways to get fit this Christmas without spending a penny!

Do you have to drive to work/university/school everyday?

Try and walk there at least 1-2 times a week, instead of driving everyday! When this starts to feel easier for you, then increase the number of days you walk! If you have no other way of getting to there other than driving, then park your car down the road and walk the rest of the way! A simple way to increase your steps during the day!

Is your office/classroom on the top floor?

Instead of using the lift, use the stairs! Not only does it increase your daily step count, it also works various muscles – more than you think, such as your glutes, quadriceps and abdominal muscles!

Need to do your christmas shopping?

Walk into town rather than drive or use public transport. This really improves the strength of your cardiovascular system! When you walk home and you are carrying your shopping, it will improve your muscular strength and muscular endurance!

Other ways of getting fit for free

Walking your pets! This gives them exercise, as well as yourself! Walking or running with them will improve your cardiovascular system and throwing toys or balls for pets will increase your muscular strength and range of motion.

Circuit training within your front room! Whilst watching your favourite Christmas film this month, why don’t you form your own little circuit session, including things such as squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups, leg raises. This will work different systems such as the cardiovascular system and muscular system”


Some great top tips from Storm, thank you! If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can follow Joe Wick’s 15 Minute Home HIIT workout on Youtube by following this link.  Please share any pictures of your Christmas training by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or by using the hashtag #shepwaysportstrust.