How to Master the Knuckleball Free Kick

The Knuckleball Twins

If you haven’t seen the famous Knuckleball, or the footballing skills of these legendary twins (known as The Knuckleball Twins, of course!) then you should check out their YouTube channel. They’ve been visiting local schools to give inspirational workshops and jaw-dropping demonstrations. Here, they give a step-by-step tutorial for their Knuckleball Free Kick!  

“Hello everyone, we are the Knuckleball Twins, Charlie and Sammy. We are proud ambassadors of the Shepway Sports Trust, we love being involved in this community – a team of talented individuals, striving for success in local sport.

Today we are going to talk to you about our talent in sport, which is football, but more specifically our speciality – the Knuckleball Free Kick. Just to clear any confusion and keep you up to date in the modern world of football, a Knuckleball is a shooting technique in football, where the ball swerves and dips with little or no rotation. It is an extremely difficult technique to perfect, but we are going to provide you with some top tips on how to master this exhilarating and unpredictable free kick style!

Patience and practice… lots of practice, are two of the key aspects that you will need to learn the Knuckleball. The technique itself is very unique, as it requires your whole body and mindset to adapt its football ability. The curve freekick is by far the most common technique performed in football and the Knuckleball is a complete contrast of this, resulting in the learning process being difficult to adapt to.

Top Tips Tutorial

  • Set up: Have a logo or the valve showing to help you hit the centre of the ball.
  • Run up: 5-7 steps back from the ball and two to the left, if you’re right footed (opposite for lefties!) run up on your toes with high knees and ensure that the last stride in your run up is bigger to generate power.
  • Contact: Strike the ball with your instep/inside part of your foot. Cancel the follow through of your strike to create the Knuckleball effect.

When we were learning the Knuckleball Free Kick, it was really helpful to watch players that perform the technique, such as Ronaldo and Bale. Nowadays, tutorial videos are one of the best ways to learn any sporting technique or skill, as they break down each part of the technique, step by step. This leads on nicely to our most recent Knuckleball Free Kick tutorial, which also explains where the Knuckleball originated from…

Knuckleball Tutorial Video:

So to sum up, watch tutorial videos, practice regularly and most importantly… enjoy it! With any sport you play, the most important aspect is to enjoy what you’re doing and the Knuckleball Free Kick is another way you can enjoy your football!

#Knuckleit – Sammy and Charlie @KnuckleballTwins

Thanks guys! Get watching and get practising. We’d love to see your attempts – tag Shepway Sports Trust and The Knuckleball Twins on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #shepwaysportstrust. 
Posted on December 17th, 2018 by Shepway Sports Trust
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