How to stay active with your family

Olivia Fox

Christmas is for spending time with family. Olivia has put together some top tips for how you can be active together, with activities you can do with your loved ones during the Christmas holidays (and beyond!)

“Often, exercise and fitness can be seen as an individual and lonely task, but it certainly doesn’t have to be! The more the merrier after all!

Here are my top tips in getting all the family involved:

  1. Get Outdoors: Not only is the outdoors absolutely free but there’s so much to do and see. Being outdoors has unlimited possibilities for things to do with your family, from playing football to walking the dog. All the while your heart rate is increased above its resting rate, then YOU ARE GETTING FITTER! The outdoors can help improve moods, increase energy levels and aid sleep – great for the whole family!
  2. Walk More: Exercise doesn’t have to include 5k runs or 100 metre sprints. Walking can be just as beneficial when wanting to get fit whether it be with a large group, walking pets or even to work.
  3. Find Something You All Enjoy: Investing your time in to something you all enjoy means it won’t feel as much like a chore and you will all feel better for it!
  4. Be Adventurous: Finding something you enjoy eases the pressure in the term ‘exercise’… but being adventurous might mean you try something new or it may mean finding somewhere ‘different’ to exercise! Walks along the beach with your family are really relaxing and the views are certainly worth it. Changing the scenery, try a walk in the woods or a stroll in a country park.
  5. Set Targets/Plans: By setting plans and targets for your exercise, you will feel a sense of achievement when these are completed which will help keep everyone motivated… even in the colder months! Targets might be as small as a 20 minute walk every day or as big as completing a parkrun in under 20 minutes


Thanks Olivia! Shepway Sports Trust’s Active Families programme encourages families to be active together. Keep your eye out in the new year for how you and your family can be involved. We would love to see pictures of you being active this Christmas – share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #shepwaysportstrust. 
Posted on December 17th, 2018 by Shepway Sports Trust
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