How to stay motivated in the winter

Alex Ashman

Making plans to become a healthier version of yourself can seem exciting, inspirational and possible. But, what happens with dark mornings, cold and rainy days and less than ideal conditions? Road Cyclist Alex Ashman gives us his top tips to tackle one of the biggest motivation-killers:

“It’s too cold, too dark and too much effort to go training today” “It’s easy in winter to set your alarm the night before with the intention of going out early to get the miles in, cook a healthy breakfast or head to the gym… but it’s even easier to press snooze and fall back into a comfortable bed.

Motivation in winter is a different thing than that of summer motivation. In the summer, your next race is just around the corner, the sun is up before you are and the café stop will be warm! It can be hard when the season feels so far away to find the strength to press through the voice telling you that ‘one day off won’t make a difference now… it’s the off season…’ How can you overcome this voice in your head telling you this? Here are 3 easy ways to push through winter!

  1. Make a calendar from the 1/1/19 until the 1/4/19 and fill in 1 golden event, 2 silver events and 3 bronze events.

These don’t have to be the only thing you do but they will make sure you keep ticking boxes and getting out the door!

2. Wear the right clothes!

It can be so easy to be put off by the cold but it can be an excuse to buy some nice kit! Who doesn’t love a new winter jersey or something as simple as a new pair of socks? If you have the right kit no weather will stop you!

3. Find a training partner.

  • Alarm goes off
  • It’s too cold
  • It’s too early
  • It’s too rainy
  • It’s too easy to go back to sleep

Sound familiar?

Plan with a training partner the night before (when you are getting your kit out ready for the morning so there are even less excuses!) where you are going to go, what time you’re going to meet and where the café stop is going to be. You will wake up hoping that the other has cancelled because you don’t want to the ‘soft’ one. Who wants to ruin the other person’s workout? Who wants to look weak? Who wants to miss a quality cup of coffee and slice of cake?

And remember, the days are getting lighter, we’re half way to the clocks changing and spring will be here in no time!”

Some great tips, Alex! Time to get up and get out! Tell us about your winter training and 2019 goals on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or use the hashtag #shepwaysportstrust to join the conversation. 
Posted on January 2nd, 2019 by Shepway Sports Trust
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