Lexie Spokes Ambassador Update

We love hearing from our SST sports ambassadors as they progress through their careers. It is not always a smooth path to the top and both positive and negative experiences shape successes further down the line. We were delighted to have an update from Lexie Spokes recently. This is particularly interesting for those ambassadors who are embarking on the exciting journey of starting university but still want to keep up their sporting success.

“Since moving to Loughborough University after so much hard work to get there, I was keen to keep my football going but was worried how this would affect my Sports and Exercise Science Degree. Leaving Crystal Palace Ladies (for the time being) was tough after ten years there and such a great season last year, but Loughborough offers so many great opportunities and I knew I had to make the most of it.

After a few tough football trials and assessments, I was proud to be offered a place in the first team- one of only two first years this season. I settled well and was really welcomed by the squad,  travelling all over the country for games. Frustratingly, in November I was badly injured in a tackle that was initially suspected as being a broken leg. After a few hospital visits, it was identified as a serious muscle and tendon injury. Five weeks in a special boot and a crash course on wheelchair and crutches use and I was back in light training. I guess if you are going to get injured, Loughborough Uni is as good a place as any to be!
Last weekend saw me gain my first 90 minutes of competitive football and thankfully, it went well for me and I am looking forward to being back in regular action.
Whilst it has been a huge change for me, heading to university has been a terrific experience. Being able to balance my studies and my continued development in football is hard work, but so worth it. I really hope that what I am doing can show other youngsters, particularly girls, that working hard for your dreams does not mean you have to compromise on the othet things you really want to do.”