Project 1000 Update

We posted a few months ago about Shepway Sports Trust’s ‘Project 1000’,  an initiative aimed to get everyone in our workforce up from their chairs and active (1000 hours more active, to be precise), aiming to earn more annual leave for the whole team. Currently, according to the ‘Workplace Challenge’ leaderboard, SST are second nationally in the rankings for a workplace of our size, which is a brilliant accolade. Our staff have been logging exercise on a daily basis, from running to cycling, horse riding and even gardening, but February has seen a further evolution for Project 1000.

In order to give all staff members the best opportunity to make Project 1000 a success, Shepway Sports Trust have launched the ‘Project 1000 Quadrathlon’-  a challenge designed to promote teamwork and inspire others to join us in achieving our goal.

So what do we need to do?

As a team we must cover a distance of 1000 km before 31.7.18. Every kilometer covered must be from the gym at Three Hills Sports Park, using each of the following machines:

  • Treadmill
  • Cross Trainer
  • Rowing Machine
  • Exercise Bike

Each member of staff at SST is required to complete at least 30 mins per week and where possible it is encouraged to complete your challenge with a colleague, for motivation.

So how is it going so far?

With a week of quadrathlon under our belts, it is fair to say that everyone has pulled together brilliantly. Not only is this a great way to retain fitness and activity, it provides us with a deeper insight in to which machines work most efficiently in achieving our target (the bike is definitely a winner at the moment). As the weeks go by, there should be an increase in stamina and fitness, allowing us to cover more distance in a shorter time and bringing us closer to our goal. We hope to share our challenges and achievements with you as we progress.

How can I get my workplace involved?

Signing up to Workplace Challenge is quick, easy and free- this is a great place to start getting your colleagues motivated and active. Why not set your own goals and cover distances either at work or in your free time? We are passionate about getting active together, so we would be delighted to assist anyone who wants to bring an initiative like this to their workplace.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our Active Communities Manager, Jordon Mann on 01303 764261.