There are many styles of dance, all of which have significant health benefits. From ballroom to bhangra, dance is a great way to reach your activity goals and have fun at the same time. With the increasing popularity of shows like BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, the popularity of dance is on the rise and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with this great sport!

Dance is a great form of exercise because it provides you with both aerobic and anaerobic movements. Our bodies need a combination of both types of exercise in order to be at their healthiest. In dance, aerobic exercise can be achieved by jumping, swaying, twirling, etc. Anaerobic exercises include holding squat positions, lifting someone else or your own body, and balancing. There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting a complete workout through dance.

Not only does dance give endless benefits in terms of aerobic fitness, there is also plenty of evidence that music can inspire and improve mental wellbeing and wellness. Your freedom of music choice is nearly endless when you are looking for something to dance to- even classical musical can get your arms and legs flowing.

Health Benefits

Dance has many health benefits and can improve your aerobic fitness as well as improving mental wellness. Dance is proven to improve condition of your heart and lungs, as well as improving muscle tone and strength, helping with weight management and strengthening bones. As such, it can lead to a decreased risk of diseases like Osteoporosis.

One of the associated benefits of dance is an improvement in confidence and self-esteem. It’s a great way to increase social interaction and improve social skills- plus, you get some great moves to show off on the dance floor!

Getting Started

Dance is amazingly flexible and requires very little equipment or specific venues. You can dance on your own, with a partner or in a group; in a studio, at home or even in the water!

Dancing can be competitive or social (or a bit of both!)

When choosing a dance style, ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do I want to dance to improve my fitness?
  • Am I trying to improve my flexibility and coordination?
  • Do I prefer fast dancing or slow dancing?
  • Do I want to dance with a partner, or on my own?
  • Do I want to join a group, or have private lessons?
  • Will I enjoy competitions, or do I want to dance just for fun?
 Why not join a local dance class with a friend or on your own! Please get in touch if you would like a recommendation.