Health Benefits

Football is one of the most popular leisure and professional sports in the UK, and with many positive health benefits, why not get out and have a kick about.

Key benefits of football include an increased aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, lowering of body fat, improved flexibility and strength and improved muscle and bone strength. There is also evidence that players benefit greatly from the shift between walking, running and sprinting.

Not only does football provide a great way to improve overall physical health, it also promotes skills like discipline, teamwork, coordination, focus and concentration.

Getting Started

Football requires very little to get started, just grab some friends and a ball to get started!

Further down the line, if football becomes a regular hobby, there is plenty of equipment that can be purchased, including boots, shinpads and kit.

Football is accessible to all and can be played as a fun, recreational game between friends or in a more structured club environment- the choice is yours!