Success for Shepway Sports Trust Ambassadors

Shepway Sports Trust are proud to support our sports ambassadors as they progress through their careers, in both the good and harder times. We have been delighted to hear of some great success stories in recent months, as well as signing several new, exciting ambassadors!

Eve Baker-Roberts was recently featured in British Gymnastics’ training video, which was shared to their wide audience of fans. Eve has been re-selected for the National GB squad as well as recently being selected for the England Rhythmic Squad. She will be representing Great Britain in Estonia during February and representing England in Greece in March.

Eve Baker-Roberts, Shepway Sports Trust ambassador
Eve Baker-Roberts, courtesy British Gymnastics


Kaito Wilson has had some great success in recent months, being the only U60KG Male Cadet (15-17 year old) to be chosen for the England Elite team.

Kaito also took part in the ‘Midlands Age Band’ competition in Walsall, Birmingham in January. Kaito pulled off a phenomenal performance in this competition, winning five fights to take the gold. Furthermore, whilst a full contest fight should normally take four minutes, Kaito won each of his in under a minute! During the competition, Kaito was awarded an ‘ippon’- a contest-ending score, awarded for a perfect throw, in which the person is thrown flat onto their back, a hold down, an arm lock or a strangle. After this competition Kaito hopes that he will be ranked number 1 in England for his age and weight category. He is taking part in the English Open on the first weekend of February to increase this lead.

So great to hear of all the successes being achieved by our ambassadors and hope to hear of many more in 2017!